Our Team

Spencer Beidelman

Director, Consumer Insights

Spencer Beidelman represents the global voice of consumers across all Star Wars lines of business.

With 18 years of experience in global entertainment-related consumer research, he has played a part in some of the best entertainment experiences in the world. Prior to joining Lucasfilm in 2011, Beidelman started at Mattel as an analyst for Hot Wheels and Barbie before moving to Twentieth Century Fox, where he eventually lead the International Theatrical Research department and worked on such films as Avatar, Night at the Museum, and Ice Age. Beidelman then made his way to Activision where he ran the Global Consumer Insights department and played a significant role in the development and marketing of franchises such as Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and Skylanders.

At Lucasfilm, he takes great pride in speaking with Star Wars fans of all types, young and old, core and casual, collectors and crafters, and strives to help the organization better understand the profile, behaviors, and perceptions of each consumer group, so that Star Wars may provide another 35 years of the most innovative and highest quality epic entertainment experiences so deserving of the franchise.

Beidelman earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business-Economics from UCLA and a Masters in Business Administration from UCI.